This is a basic website I created to share stuff and try things out.

The content differs per language. Default I use English for this website, so the English pages will have the most content. Only a few pages use a different language to share content that is specific to that language.

The website runs on a small dedicated server at home. That has a few disadvantages compared to a cloud solution, but the big plus is that it is fun and educational running an actual physical server that software-wise is built from the ground up.

This website has no commercial purpose. It does not use cookies. It does not contain ads. No tracking is done for marketing purposes. It does store the meta data of website traffic for at most ten years specifically for the limited purpose of security and of general usage analysis. No user specific data is shared with anyone, unless that is explicitly required by the GDPR or other Dutch or European law.

Contact: eCarlo@xs4all.nl