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My old TSE website

Date: 23 May 2023

This is a link to my old TSE website, which stopped being maintained as of 23 May 2023.

Its information is outdated!

Links from old emails and from other websites to specific parts of my old website will no longer work.

13 Dec 2021
Windows TSE Pro GUI v4.2 - v4.41.45

Delete reason: This TSE extension addresses a bug that was solved in TSE v4.41.46.

This TSE extension demonstrates a fix for the _ON_ABANDON_EDITOR_ hook not being called when the GUI version of TSE is closed with the "X" close button in its upper right corner if the TSE option "Empty Command-Line Action" has one of these values: Menu (default), Restore State, Also Restore State.

A test macro is included too.

20 Jul 2022
Windows TSE v4.0 upwards

Delete reason: This extension became obsolete as of TSE 4.50 release candidate 4 (13 Jun 2023), which natively supports syntax highlighting in a marked block.

This TSE extension syntax-hilites characters in a marked block with the same syntax-hilited foreground colors they would get without a marked block.

This can look great or horrible depending on your TSE color settings, so you might have to change those for a pleasing result.

The idea for this TSE extension came from Zhao Zhong.

25 Apr 2020
Windows TSE Pro v4.0 upwards,
Linux TSE Beta v4.41.12 upwards

Delete reason: This tool has not enough added value over just recompiling all macros from a command line.

This tool recompiles all macros in TSE's "mac" folder.

With the exception of macros with an ampersand or parentheses in their name. SemWare has one such macro: "find&do".

v1.0.1 Solves a Linux bug.

v1.0.2 Solves a Linux bug in solving the Linux bug :-(.

21 Mar 2020
TSE Pro v4.0 upwards

Delete reason: This tool is too niche and works too poorly.

For a folder or for a space separated list of folders this tool creates a list of groups of those files, the names of which only differ by a version suffix in the name.

This tool was requested by one user. I created it in the hope that it might have general benefits, but my conclusion is that it does not.

In v2.0 the recognition of versions was rewritten. This was much improved, and is expected to function much better for its requested purpose and type of folders. That said, for general usage it functions slightly better but still poorly.

TSE Pro 4.4 Undocumented Features

Date: 6 Feb 2022

Delete reason: It describes lots of bugs that were fixed in TSE versions after 4.0, and it has been replaced by an up-to-date document.

This document describes undocumented features and errata for TSE Pro v4.4 (2005).

Frozen: This document is frozen, meaning it will no longer receive updates. Since December 2021 public versions of TSE have become available. They contain lots of bug fixes for earlier issues, so it does not make sense to describe solved bugs. Everybody can upgrade to a new public version, the latest of which I now consider to be TSE's new main version.

23 Mar 2023
Compatibility: Untested

Delete reason: It was included in TSE 4.50 release candidate 1.

TSE is incapable of perfectly syntax hiliting HTML, because TSE's hiliting syntax is too limited for that.

That said, I came up with an HTML syntax hiliting solution that works well for me by rarely giving me hiliting errors.

For me it works much better than TSE's standard HTML syntax hiliting. Your milage may vary.

21 apr 2017
TSE Pro v4.0 upwards

Delete reason: It encounters memory problems when sorting a large buffer. The cause lies in errors or limitations in TSE's macro language. The problem is therefore not solvable by a macro written in it.

QuickSort.inc include-file

TSE itself is "only" capable of sorting lines by sorting them alphabetically on a marked block of text.

With the help of this include-file it is relatively easy to create or modify your own macro to sort lines on any criteria.

All you need to do, is to write a "quicksort_compare" function that accepts two line numbers, and returns -1, 0, or 1 whether you want the first line to be before, whereever or after the second line.

The include-file contains a "quicksort(line_from, line_to)" function that by calling your function sorts ALL requested lines.

An example macro QuickSortTest.s is included.

Warning Later usage revealed, that TSE runs into irregularly occurring memory problems when quick-sorting large files.

20 Nov 2022
Compatibility: untested

Delete reason: Given the newer and better PickList extension, there is no reason or need for the PickListFind extension any more.

This extension enhances incrementally searching in a TSE picklist by also searching in the middle of filenames.

A TSE picklist is used by the File Open menu, TSE's file manager, and more.

This functionality was requested by two users.

Installation note: I strongly recommend to instead install the newer extension PickList, which shrinks a picklist to only those files that match the typed search string.

The new PickList and the old PickListFind must not be installed together.

v1.0.2 Fixed that PickListFind did nothing in someone else's TSE installation.

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