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22 Sep 2023
Windows TSE Pro GUI v4.2 upwards

This is intended to become the next release version!

This extension lets you choose between three coloring options for TSE's cursor line.

A cool new feature is that these options retain each other's settings, so you can harmlessly switch between them.

The three cursor line options are:

  • Same as other lines.
  • Use TSE's cursor line colors.
  • Dim or brighten the cursor line's foreground and background colors by a configurable percentage.

I nerded out on making the configuration menu user-friendlier than TSE's standard menus allow:

  • It has a close button.
  • Submenus extend down as part of the main menu.
  • Two menu options split their label and value over two lines.
  • Two menu options let a user decrease and increase their value with:
    • Pressing the left and right cursor keys.
    • Clicking their left and right arrow buttons.

Its intended Linux compatibility has to wait for the next Linux TSE release (probably 4.50 rc 12).
This extension will then need to be adapted further to work with Linux TSE.

Because TSE's Help has not been properly maintained since TSE 4.4 was released in 2005, I want to be able to add my own notes to TSE's Help or even edit a copy of it, to enable others to do the same, and to provide a way to easily exchange them.

!!! Extending TSE's Help with eHelp is still in development !!!

  • (14 Sep 2023) Blog about implementing TSE's extended Help.

  • (23 Mar 2023, v0.22) eHelp.zip
    Easy installation and update:
    • Extract the eHelp.zip file to TSE's root directory, including extracting subdirectories to subdirectories.
      If your extract-tool did so, it will immediately place eHelp.zip's 6 files in their correct 3 subdirectories.
      Otherwise read the installation instructions in eHelp.s.
    • Open "mac\eHelp.s", and compile and execute it.
    • <Escape> the configuration menu.
    • Done!
    • To check: Go to TSE's Help, look up AbandonEditor(), and for example use <Alt N> and <Alt P> to switch between .ehelp files.
    • A tsehelp.ehelp copy of TSE's built-in Help is generated and kept up-to-date automatically.
    • The top left corner of a Help screen shows
      • no name if TSE's built-in Help is shown,
      • "tsehelp" if the eHelp copy of TSE's built-in help is shown,
      • otherwise the name of the .ehelp file that is shown.
    • If a topic occurs in multiple .ehelp files, then you can switch between .ehelp files with these keys: <Alt GreyCursorLeft>, <Alt GreyCursorRight>, <Alt CursorLeft>, <Alt CursorRight>, <Alt P>, <Alt N>.
    • Currently tsehelp_eCarlo.ehelp makes this possible for about 159 topics.
    • You can create and edit your own tsehelp_<name>.ehelp text files, and configure eHelp to use them.
    • During editing .ehelp files will be syntax hilited, and their line-drawing, shadow, and block characters will be shown.
    • Saving a .ehelp file syntax checks it, still roughly.
    This is still far from a finished product!
    Read the blog for status and plans.

  • (3 Sep 2022) Preliminary brainstorm about extending TSE's Help.

I welcome suggestions and criticisms!

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