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Possible Future Projects


This is a possible future project.

Syntax highlight the View Finds list.

A TSE extension should be able to do this. The biggest hurdle would be multi-line comments. Which is unfortunate, because seeing which View Finds lines are (not) commented would be a huge improvement!


This is a possible future project.

In the dawn of time Sammy noticed, that, given enough hiliting keywords, TSE's syntax hiliting can somewhat be used to instantaneously check English text for spelling errors. He was still trying it out, and referred to his upload of english.zip, as the basis for his try. It contains an "english.syn" TSE syntax hiliting file.

I accidentally came across it again, and I think it has potential. In TSE I attached the english.syn hiliting file to the .txt file extension. Pros: It did immediately catch my spelling errors. Cons: Of course english.syn does not know all English words, and an English text also contains numbers, names, abbreviations, and domain-specific and user-specific terminology.

With numbers and puctuation marks added, and with a tool or extension that would make it easy to add unknown keywords to english.syn, perhaps with one keyword group for English, one keyword group for user terminology, etc(?), then I guestimate just extension-based syntax hiliting would already be a useful addition to TSE to check for spelling errors, and not hard to implement.


This is a possible future project.

I needed and created a quick & dirty version of the tool that can convert a base64-encoded text to readable text.

It "works", but is currently so user-unfriendly, that I do not consider it publishable. To do.


This is a possible future project.

The first goal would be to put the UniCode extension's Windows clipboard capability in a separate tool, both to improve their maintainability and because the Unicode extension is currently too big for TSE's debugger.

The second goal would be to add the capability to paste the Windows clipboard as a column block. There are two known ways to do this. One is by giving the tool a parameter to do so. The other is by doing a column block paste from the Windows clipboard if the text contains a marked column block, because this is what Visual Studio and VSCode do. The second way might need to be optional.

UniView v2

This is a possible future project.

I realised two major improvements might be possible:

  • It might be possible to get rid of UniView's flickering line updates by using TSE's HookDisplay() command.
  • It might be possible to make UniView work for the current line too.

These improvements would again bring TSE major steps closer to being a full Unicode editor.

UniCode Suite

This is a possible future project.

There now are a bunch of separately distributed extensions to make TSE more compatible with Unicode.

It would be nice to be able to distribute these as a coherent bundle.

(I have renamed the "Edit2" tool to "UniBrowse" in anticipation of this project.)


This is a possible future project.

In creating the Uniview extension I noticed how the parameters of the Windows TextOut API might be used to implement smooth scrolling in TSE.

One day I would like to try if this works, just for the fun of it.

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